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Yes, we are the best web hosting providers in Mumbai region. Our servers are located in Mumbai just for Mumbai customers.


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Yes we provide all the web hosting services, and we are one most popular web hosting providers in Mumbai


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Yes, We provide unlimited web hosting services based on our mumbain Data Centers.


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Yes, we have most professional technical support serving clients 24*7, our clients can contact us anytime through phone, chat or email.

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Web Hosting Mumbai

Get Free Domain name with all Hosting Plans


₹1332 Save 45%
732 / month
  • Disk Space : 40 GB SSD
  • Dual Core
  • RAM : 2 GB
  • Bandwidth : 1 TB
  • Spamassassin included
  • Control Panel - FREE Rs. 7200
  • Full root/ssh access
  • Realtime Malware Injection Scan
  • Realtime PHP Vulnerability Check
  • Inbuilt CSS/JS optimizer
  • ×FREE SSL Certificate
  • High Priority Support


₹2545 Save 44%
1425 / month
  • Disk Space : 50 GB SSD
  • 2 Core
  • RAM : 2 GB
  • Bandwidth : 3 TB
  • Choose Apache Or Nginx
  • Varnish Cache-10x Faster
  • Multiple PHP Support
  • Control Panel - FREE Rs. 7200
  • Full root/ssh access
  • ×Realtime Malware Injection Scan
  • ×Realtime PHP Vulnerability Check
  • ×FREE SSL Certificate - (Rs.5000)

Basic Server

₹9120 Save 51%
4499 / month
  • Disk Space : 512 GB SSD
  • CPU: 4 Core (9.60 GHz)
  • RAM : 6 GB
  • Bandwidth : 5 TB
  • FREE Varnish Server
  • FREE Website Optimization
  • Control Panel - FREE Rs. 7200/Yr
  • Full root/ssh access
  • Realtime Malware Injection Scan
  • Realtime PHP Vulnerability Check
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • High Priority Support

Shared Hosting Plans


Save 30%
    199 / month
  • 10000 MB Web Space
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • 250 Emails
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Sub Domain
  • Free .in Domain (Only with 2 years)

Select Duration


Save 30%
    99 / month
  • 5000 MB Web Space
  • 20 GB Bandwidth
  • 50 Emails
  • 10 FTP Accounts
  • 5 Sub Domain
  • Free .in Domain (Only with 2 years)

Select Duration


Save 30%
    69 / month
  • 1000 MB Web Space
  • 5 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 Emails
  • 2 FTP Accounts
  • 1 Sub Domain
  • Free .in Domain (Only with 3 years)

Select Duration

Buy windows hosting

The internet medium has been the powerful medium to reach the people with the revolution on the internet from past few days. Hostingraja is top mumbain hosting provider company has got the reputation for its quality of service and outstanding support. It provides various services like shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated hosting. Each type of hosting services are suitable for different types of a web application to be hosted. Hostingraja provides all these services at the very affordable price compared to others.

Windows hosting has been the popular choice of the people. Hostingraja provides the bundle of features and offers the windows hosting services. The features that it provides are unique in natures and are not provided by any hosting service providers in mumbai. We provide up to 40% discounts on windows hosting. With the windows shared hosting you will get unlimited benefits of web space, Bandwidth, Email, FTP accounts are lot more. Hostingraja provides the uninterrupted service and it promises 99.9% of uptime of the server. This makes Hostingraja severs more reliable and dependable.

The Hostingraja windows hosting comes with loads of features like ASP.NET support, Ajax toolkit, Crystal report, IIS server and lot more. With hostingraja windows hosting you will enjoy the host of benefits. The Hostingraja support team provides the excellent support to the client is he faces any issues at any point. The hostingraja has honored with a number of awards for its service in the field of hosting. The list of features that it provides is really big. Hostingraja keeps the servers updated with the latest technologies available.

Buy Linux hosting

Are you planning to buy a hosting service? Hostingraja is the top mumbain hosting provider company to provide Linux in all kind of hosting service that provides. it provides the different services like shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting and VPS hosting. All the service which includes Linux as the operating system comes with the big compatibility list and the bunch of add-on features with the hostingraja. The price offered by hostingraja for Linux hosting is so affordable compared to other hosting providers in mumbai.

Linux hosting makes it possible to provide the privilege to a number of software. The compatibility level of Linux is a step ahead of what you get in the windows. Linux is said to be more powerful than the Windows operating system. hostingraja Linux hosting comes with unique features that provide the best in class and hassle-free experience with hostingraja. with the quality of service and outstanding support that it offers makes top hosting provider companies in mumbai.

Hostingraja facilities free domain with the selected plans. It provides the end to end support for setting up the complete infrastructure of your server.The plans designed at hostingraja fulfills the requirement of the clients. The Linux plans are associated with shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting and even with the dedicated hosting. Hostingraja even provides the facility to create a custom plan in case if clients are need of the different set of resources. The key feature that the hostingraja Linux hosting service provides is control panel named HR panel. This panel is available for VPS, cloud and dedicated hosting.

Buy shared hosting

When you wish to have your own website, There are a number of aspects that you should be aware of. like what operating system is compatible with the application that is built. Hostingraja is the top mumbain hosting company that provides a number of hosting provider services like shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting and Dedicated hosting. The types of service on which you need to host your website depend on what all the resources you need to run your website, What is the total number of users per day and more.

The shared hosting is suitable for websites with low traffic and even entry-level dynamic websites too. When you buy a shared hosting with hostingraja you can enjoy lots of benefits like free control panel, hassle-free migration process etc. You will have the option to choose between Windows and Linux operating system based on your requirement.The Linux server is optimised using Litespeed web server that enhances the performance of the server. The built-in cache optimiser will boost up the speed of the server.

The shared hosting plans are designed to meet the different requirement of the user. The basic plan starts with just 99rs/Month which includes 3GB web space 5Gb bandwidth 10 Emails and 2 FTP accounts and lot more. If you buy this plan for more than 3 years of a period you will get a domain name absolutely free. The plan is best suitable for starting websites. More than 85% of the web services use a Linux operating system as the prime part of their servers. The highest plan offered at hostingraja for the shared hosting is Premium corporate which costs 699/Month.

Buy VPS hosting

VPS hosting has been the popular choice of the people for its infrastructure of the way it is designed that offers huge flexibility and space increasing the convenience and makes the hosting experience an easy flow like never before. Hostingraja is the leading VPS hosting provider that is known for the unique features that add the level of advancement to the VPS server in addition to the convenience that it offers. Almost all the features come at free of cost when you buy a VPS hosting service.

With opting to VPS hosting service you will get the advantages of complete control over the server making it possible for you giving the privilege of making any configuration changes. The VPS platform is completely independent hence vanishes out the possibility of possible downtime with the influence of other servers. You will have the ability of the root access with which you can perform number operations like installing the software that you need. Having root access is like having complete command over the server.

Hostingraja offers both the windows and Linux operating systems to choose for the VPS servers. Though the price varies between the two the quoted price is most affordable compared to any other hosting provider companies in mumbai. If you are looking to purchase a VPS hosting service then Hostingraja is the ideal place for that it. with the quality of service hostingraja also has the reputation in providing the quality of 24X7 support. At hostingraja, we ensure you to provide hassle-free experience

Buy Dedicated hosting

Though there are a number of hosting services like shared hosting, VPS hosting and cloud hosting they fall in short of the benefits while the hosted application requires huge resources which can be only accomplished by Dedicated hosting service. They bring up the massive sized resources configured in an advanced way makes give the best way to achieve the higher needs of the hosted application. If you are wishing to buy Dedicated hosting then hostingraja is the ideal place for that.

The dedicated plans designed by hostingraja are most affordable and comes with huge advanced features that add the point to the level of convenience of your hosting.Hostingraja dedicated hosting plans are designed to meet the different requirement of the customers. The plans for Linux OS starts as the Basic server with a 4 core processor with 6GB of RAM and 512GB of disk space. All the Linux dedicated servers come with the control panel which is worth 7200 for free that offers best in a class user interface to the clients using it. The panel performs all the required actions on the server.

The hostingraja dedicated servers have adopted a number of security aspects including real-time malware scan, Real-time PHP vulnerability check and lot more. The windows dedicated hosting comes with the Plesk panel to manage the server.If you are planning to buy a dedicated server kindly contact our sales team. They will suggest you the best possible plan for you based on your requirement. Hostingraja provides huge discounts on the plans. To get your best plan call us now.

Buy Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is the revolution in the field of hosting that comes with the advanced infrastructure that increases the reliability and dependency of it. If you are wishing to buy cloud hosting service you could get a number of options. Hostingraja is the leaders in those available options. The combination of advancement of the cloud hosting with the add-on features that hostingraja offers makes it one of the most reliable hosting services in mumbai. Hostingraja offers two options to choose from the operating system.

When you are on the shared hosting and if one of the resources fails to act. Then it can bring your website down, And this could affect your business badly. In the cloud environment, you will be connected to a number of hubs which are fed by the number of resources. When one of the resources goes down then your application will be allotted with the other available resources. And thus reduces the factor of downtime. Buying a cloud hosting service with hostingraja brings up a number of unique features that makes the flow of hosting experience a gentle one.

Our cloud infrastructure is powered by VMware. It is one of the tops used platforms in the cloud. Hostingraja is always stepping ahead in adopting the latest available technologies into their server makes them more advanced in nature. All the cloud instances come with the shared bandwidth at hostingraja cloud but you will always have the option to opt for the dedicated bandwidth. For more details about the plans and features offered kindly navigate to Contact our team via live chat, Email, call if you need more elaborated details.

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